Album: Cult Ov Death (2012)

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Song: The Reaping

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In the depths of disillusion Galgamex forged the strong hold of their death metal fortress through the ruble and shambles of their bastardized failed acts. Hailing from as near as North Vancouver and Delta and as far as New York and the woods of north western Ontario they have kept their proverbial axe to the grind stone since taking an entire year to form as a complete line up. Their sound is a furious break neck speed with a barage of riffs that will make you wanna finish your beer faster so you don't spill it on your joint while head banging. Through the members alternate acts and previous acts they utilize their knowledge of movements and riffage to take listeners on an epic journey. In the short time of being a band they have co headlined Armstrong Open Air with 3 Inches of Blood and opened and shared the stage with cephalic carnage, exhumed, origin, hate eternal, watain, goat whore, Kataklysm, black anvil, macabre, all shall perish, conducting from the grave, suffokate, kataplexis, bison bc.


Sea of Tranquility Webzine: "Right from the first note of Galgamex's debut EP, you know that you're in for a brutal and handbang-inducing technical death metal journey. Galgamex is one of the most promising death metal acts coming out of Canada right now, boasting excellent musicians with great technical abilities and compositional talents. Although this isn't a strikingly original death metal release, Galgamex have exhibited themselves as a promising and impressive young act. Already sounding as mature as most death metal veterans, this Canadian quintet has promised many great things to come. Considering this is available as a free legal download, I'd highly recommend all extreme metal fans to give Galgamex's self-titled debut EP a couple spins - you won't regret it.

The music here is technical death metal with some metalcore leanings. I'm reminded of Suffocation, Deicide, and a (much improved version of) Within the Ruins. This is a pretty brutal album. There's double-bass pedal rhythms that, in combination with technical guitar riffs and deep guttural vocals, are enough to make the average metal fan's head explode. I personally love it, and I think the sheer level of heaviness, technicality, and brutality in Galgamex's music is part of what makes them so appealing. Of course, a lot of modern death metal acts have capitalized on this sound, and as a result Galgamex's EP comes across as slightly derivative, but that doesn't detract from the enjoyment I have when listening to this. If Galgamex can develop a slightly more distinct sound, I can see them becoming a big name in death metal. A big reason why I enjoy this EP is the amazing levels of proficiency shown by the musicians. Every musician sounds at the top of their game, and I especially have to applaud the fast yet intricate drumming. All in all, Galgamex is a tight-playing unit that is a joy to listen to. The production is also surprisingly good for a self-released effort. It effectively delivers all of the dynamics in Galgamex's music, while still maintaining a raw sound (something that many professional acts forget about). The delivery aspect (performances and production) may actually be the most remarkable thing about this entire EP.


Galgamex really took me by surprise with their debut EP. If you like technical death metal that seamlessly mixes modern influences and tributes to the legends of the genre, I would definitely recommend checking these guys out. It's nothing revolutionary in the extreme metal genre, but it's hard to deny quality like this. 3.5 stars are well-deserved for this promising Canadian act. I'll be keeping a close eye on where they go in the future."

Absolute Underground (Can)- "Vancouver,BC has produced some very memorable acts in the likes of Strapping Young Lad, Blasphemy, and Abriosis. But now the scene has a newcomer that will no doubt be turning heads and snapping necks. With a sound that is like a mixture of Arsis and Suffocation, Galgamex have crafted a very impressive debut. With song lengths averaging around the five minute mark, the band wastes no time establishing themselves as a very serious threat in the Canadian metal scene. Things start off with "Dementia of the Tomb" a ridiculously precise piece of brutality. The guitars and drums exxchange blows, while vocalist Chris Mathis has his own internal battle of lows to highs that change with ease. The song breaks down with an epic solo section that will have even the most metal elitists banging their heads in approval. Things keep going at a blazing pace with "impaler" and the devastating "incognitant retrogression," which has some of the fastest kicks I've ever heard put to tape. The production is also very good with each instrument being able to breathe and have perfect clarity without losing it's edge. Another huge plus is the fact the group doesn't fall prey to the latest trends and just throw in a "breakdown" for the sake of appeal. Galgamex have set the bar very high for themselves here and that may be the only problem. But then again if this is a sign of things to come, I have a feeling you will be hearing a lot more from them in the future. 100% pure throat slitting metal"

Aristocrazia Webzine (Italy)- "The death metal world gave us almost everything it could, it's impossible to find bands which have revolutionized the genre in the last two years, of course apart from those rapes with totally out of context (if we want to say it gently) influences. Sometimes it's better to be content with people which can live inside the scene without doing anything strange but making "just" good music instead. The skills are really improved, the quality of the production is better too so the only way to judge a scene full of weak works and albums which have a good and a bad side is you personal taste.
Mine has guided me towards Galgamex's ep, this Canadian band comes from Vancouver and is a mix of violence and old school brutality (i won't tell you the bands that inspired them, you'll surely notice the influences) which draws something from the modern scene.
This ep has five tracks which mix technical parts, evil and malign death metal and a melodic vein which is often present, now you'll think "should this be interesting?". Many have done this kind of music, but these guys are really strong, both in the wildest passages like in "Dementia Of The Tomb" and "Freelance Embalmer" but also in the melodic ones such as in "The Impaler", really psychopathic. Everything is good here, the guitar work takes advantage of the skills of the guitarist to make the riffing more fluent; the drummer is great, his performance is full of tangled passages and the speed makes the sound really strong, we can hear also that the production is good and keep the death metal soul alive. This first work by Galgamex deserves respect, of course they remind to many bands but is an enjoyable ep, take it as "just" good music."